Michael Franti and Teleseen @ Terenga

The hotness!! The Slayers Club was proud to host Michael Franti in an acoustic set. He and guitarist J. Bowman played for a solid hour. Every tune was a hit, but the highlight had to be their “Tainted Love” cover! We’ll have exclusive video up soon…

After Michael and J. left the stage, selecta Chief Boima fired up the dancefloor business, with the Slayers Club and our special guest TELESEEN standing by, ready to whomp.

The occasion? Our good friend Marco (owner of Little Baobab and Bollyhood) lost his entire sound system to thieves a while back. We combined with Stay Human to throw a good old fashioned fundraiser for him. All told, we raised nearly two thousand dollars toward a new rig for Marco…knowing full well that we’ll get to rock it soon! ;)

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