1280px-Car_crash_1The purpose of this article is to outline a prudent strategy in handling automobile accidents at the scene.  Automobile accidents can result in severe and permanent injuries.  Many injured people are simply unable to assess the damage at the time of the accident as symptoms may not arise until hours later.

The following is a list of essential considerations immediately following a car accident.  Each is designed to protect the safety of those involved in the car accident and those occupying the surrounding area.


1.    Stop immediately.  The location of the vehicles may be pertinent to uncovering liability by law enforcement officers.  It is not recommended that you move the vehicles until police arrive.  Take care to ensure the passengers are not in harm’s way.

2.    Aid and assist any injured passengers/drivers, and immediately call the police.  Health and safety is everyone’s primary concern.  Make sure to attend to any injury right away.

3.      Obtain names, phone numbers, addresses of other drivers, witnesses and injured persons.  Once out of danger, obtain relevant information from the other parties and any potential witnesses.

4.    Note the make, model and license numbers of all cars involved in the accident.

5.    Photograph the accident scene as well as damage to the vehicles.  As stated previously, the location of the cars is very important in establishing liability.  Damage to the vehicle assists in this task as well.

6.    Do not, under any circumstances, accept a settlement offer of any kind prior to speaking with an attorney.  Attorneys are well versed on your rights and understand that the extent of personal injury may not be accurately assessed until some time has passed.

7.    Be calm and courteous, but also remain consistent as to your version of how the accident occurred.  Do not admit fault or apologize as such a statement may be construed as an admission.
Once the vehicles are towed and the parties disburse, life may be considerably different for individuals involved in car accidents that result in injury.  The first logical step is to seek immediate treatment if any physical symptoms arise or if you simply want to be sure.

Another logical step would be to contact an experienced personal injury attorney.  These attorneys will be able to guide you through the personal injury litigation process.  Be sure to understand that there are laws and available remedies to those who are injured in automobile accidents through no fault of their own.  Knowledge of these laws and remedies is the expertise that personal injury attorneys offer – and their services may be more valuable than you might first think.

Often times, people involved in automobile accidents are unable to work after the accident.  These people often encounter financial strain as their expenses pile up.  Many options are available to individuals in financial trouble.  One option available to personal injury plaintiffs is known as “lawsuit funding”.

Lawsuit funding, also known as settlement funding, or settlement or lawsuit loans, are financial transactions in which a personal injury plaintiff sells a portion of the future proceeds of the lawsuit in advance of settlement.  The purpose of this transaction is to allow plaintiffs to pay expenses while the case is litigated.  This not only keeps the plaintiff’s head above water, but also alleviates the need for him/her to accept low ball settlement offers from insurance companies, simply because they need funds immediately.

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